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Friends In Telford Club 40+

An innovative social network ideal for people in the the Telford, Shrewsbury, Newport, Bridgnorth, Ironbridge, and Shifnal areas. 

If you like eating out, drive, and have no one to go out with, this could be just what you've been looking for.   Come out in good company instead of sitting in on your own.

Make new friends, enjoy a good meal and good conversation.

This is what I do, I bring people together so they can enjoy a good night out in the company of others.  The average age group is between 40 to 60+ and it is purely social, not a dating or introduction club.

If you feel you are lonely and it's time for you to move on then by reading this you have just taken the first step. 

We meet twice a month:

Once for a quiet drink amongst new and old friends in a pub or cocktail bar.  Once for a meal in a restaurant.

The group can be large or can be quite small, it all depends on who comes along but this shouldn't matter, if it's a large crowd you are looking for then you are joining for the wrong reasons.  Enjoyment of others is in quality, not quantity! 

Monthly restaurant meals are planned and organised by the club's members.  This is done when we meet up for a drink, our 'Meet & Mingle' monthly evening.

The second get together is the actual meal out that was planned by the members who attended the Meet & Mingle.

This is a friendly and relaxed way to make new friends.

If you would like to join us all you need to do is get in touch and ask for a membership registration form.  You can then come out with us and make new friends instead of sitting in on your own.

The Meet & Mingle evenings are very friendly, always someone to welcome you onboard.  Never hectic or too busy so  ideal if you don't like crowded rooms full of strange people. 

There'll be a  dozen people or less to welcome you at any Meet & Mingle so no need to feel nervous/anxious, you are not going to be thrown in to a room full of people you don't know, that we promise.

Ideal for anyone who is so busy working they never get the opportunity to make new friends or for a person going through a divorce, recently seperated, or maybe lost a loved one.  

There is no catch.  All we ask is that you:

Refrain from treating it as a 'dating' club or cattle market

Don't make it 'clicky'

Leave your problems at home

Don't go round asking everyone what they do for a living

Come in your own transport (don't ask for lifts)

tel:          07734 710 709  or  01952 407403


Making friends in Telford and the surrounding areas of Telford has never been easier, it was just a matter of finding us which you now have!

Join now - Make new friends - Enjoy socialising - Don't just sit at home on your own


eating out in Telford - having fun in Telford - Walks round Telford in beauty spots - pub quiz fun nights out in Telford - going ten pin bowling in Telford - pub enjoyment nights in Telford - river walks round Telford - canal walks near Telford - antique shop visits near Telford - visiting carboot sales in and out of Telford- eating out in Shifnal

all the things we love doing:

The Park TF1 3AG - The Wickets Inn TF1 3AG - The Red Lion TF1 2EW - The Compasses Inn TF2 6SD

a few of the pubs and places we've been to:

The Place Oakengates Oakengates Theatre TF2 6EP Odeon Cinema or UCI Cinema Telford TF3 4NE

The Masons Arms TF11 9LQ - The Pheasant Inn TF5 0AD - The Plough Inn TF6 5EG

The Woodbridge Inn TF8 7JF - The Malthouse TF8 7NH - The Golden Ball Inn TF8 7BA

Cineworld Shrewsbury SY3 7ET - Dragon King SY3 7ET - Beaten Track pub SY3 7ET

An ideal Telford social network so join us now and start making new friends !! 

Taj Mahal TF1 1D2 - Darcys TF11 8AZ

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